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Tourer Watermelon & Mint Gin

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Watermelon flavoured drinks have always been a firm favourite of mine. I always think back to a Watermelon Martini I had at an afternoon tea years ago and fondly remember it as the best drink I have ever tasted. So when I saw that a watermelon & mint gin now exists, I bought myself a bottle straight away.

Let me introduce you to Tourer Gin. Their Watermelon & Mint Gin is the first of its kind and is brand new to the gin scene. This small batch gin is described as a tribute towards world explorers, inspired by flavours around the globe, aiming to reflect the excitement of starting a journey and reaching your destination - an experience that is always memorable, as should be your first sip of gin. Using fresh and local ingredients, in addition to the sweet watermelon and fresh mint, the list of botanicals includes lemon zest, kaffir lime leaves and pink peppercorn.

I reached out to the sibling duo behind the gin, Mikki and Pinky, to learn more about their story and what inspired them to create Tourer Gin.

"The inspiration actually came to us whilst travelling around Asia... How they would combine unique flavours together was amazing to see and taste. We felt that there was no gin that celebrated the inner travelling spirit we all have or did a good job of fusing two unique flavours together. We wanted to bring something that had never been done before and that's how Tourer Watermelon & Mint Gin came to be."

The bottle itself is simple yet striking, with its bold red and green cloud design and a nod to the aviation industry with the plane incorporated in the logo. However, perhaps the most stand out component of the design is the iconic red Remove Before Flight tag. I asked Mikki and Pinky where the idea for this unique addition came from.

"The inspiration comes from the aviation industry which has been using the Remove Before Flight tag as a safety mechanism since the beginning. It has now become a fashion accessory and we wanted to add our spin on it."

Tasting Tourer Gin neat, I found the flavours much more subtle than I expected. It's certainly still a very "ginny" gin and not your typical flavoured gin - no artificial flavours are used and I did actually really enjoy the subtle taste. The gin is light on the nose with a minty freshness, and I found mint to be the more forward flavour. The watermelon is subtle and takes more of a back seat, but is still noticeable. It's a smooth and elegant gin with a peppery finish.

In a G&T, Tourer Gin makes a fresh and smooth tipple that is perfect to enjoy in the sunshine. I've been pairing mine with Fevertree Light Tonic and have tried a few combinations of garnishes. Overall, it's not as sweet as you'd maybe expect but is delightfully refreshing and herby, with mint remaining the more forward flavour. The distillers' favourite way of enjoying Tourer Gin is in a G&T served with a fresh lime wheel, and the zesty citrus flavours perfectly complement the key botanicals in the gin. As well as this combination, I've tried adding watermelon and mint to my G&T to really bring out the signature flavours.

Tourer Watermelon & Mint is certainly a versatile gin that would combine nicely with many flavours, so it is an ideal base spirit for a wide range of summery cocktails. Tourer Gin have recently added a cocktails page to their website and are working on new recipes too, looking to put their own spin on a lot of traditional cocktails. I tried making their Tourer Watermelon Cooler, which turned out to be my favourite of the drinks I tried. The recipe combines Tourer Gin with fresh watermelon, sugar syrup, lime juice and soda water, making a delicious fruity summer cocktail. Sadly the day I made mine was a bit grey and drizzly, but when I've been lounging in the garden lately, soaking up the sun, dreaming of being on holiday and craving a cocktail, this is exactly the drink I've been looking for.

I was keen to find out from Mikki and Pinky what's next for Tourer Gin.

"The next step for us is to go on the road with Tourer Gin once we are able to do so. It would be amazing to let some of the world's best mixologists work with our gin."

I've been really enjoying sipping Tourer Gin just over ice, which I don't often do with gin, but it's so smooth to drink and the flavour is much more vivid. Overall I think this unique, versatile gin should hold a place in anyone's summer gin collection. I look forward to meeting the team behind Tourer Gin once they're out on the road!

Tourer Gin is available to buy from the distiller's website for £39.99.

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